How long is the delivery time of Perfume?

The preparation of perfumes is done in small batches. Thus, the freshness of elixirs is guaranteed and the essential oils that are used can not oxidize. After the ripening process, the bottles are filled for you individually and shipped directly to you. The delivery time can therefore be approximately 7-14 Days.

How can I find the right fragrance for me without him tried before to have?

You can buy all fragrances 1ml samples directly in the Internet Shop order and have it delivered to your home. Decide at rest, if you dressed the scent and then make a decision. For this reason, the conversion of the perfume is excluded, unless the goods were damaged by external transport (see Terms of Use). Therfore I would suggest that before your final Order to purchase samples of your choice.

Where can you buy the fragrances of Wild Eden?

You can download the scents directly on the company´s Internet Shop relate. The rare scents are produced in my own scentlaboratory with love and shipped to order directly to your home. Wild Eden Natural Perfume will be soon available in fine specialty stores within Germany and Europe.

Are the scents of Wild Eden suitable for allergy sufferers?

The natural perfume of Wild Eden are extensively tested by an accredited laboratory and were classified as safe. Through my many years of work as Beautician has been confirmed in practice that most people on synthetic ingredients (nitro musk compounds in conventional Perfumes, parabens, PEG´s, synthetic dyes and preseratives in creams etc) react. For this reason I have decided consciously to work exclusively with 100% natural ingredients to give you as a buyer safety and comfort to provide the highest. However, there are a few exceptions and it happens that someone sensitive to a particular ingredient from plants. However, this is extremely rare and has been in practical use of herbal ingredients and essential oils never confirmed. If you do not know wheter you may on certain ingredience in plants respond, you can be absolutely sure by a dermatologist a test to make. Moreover, allergic substances if present, in the Ingredient list listed.

Why are your natural perfumes award intensive than conventional perfumes?

This is an absolutely legitimate question! Behind the products of Wild Eden puts the passion for extraordinary things, beyond the mainstream production.For my compositions I use only 100% pure essential Oils of the highest qualtity. All ingredience are a safety certification were subjected. The most precious and rarest ingredients from all parts of the world are chosen for the loving handwork to small fragrance gems. Some of the oils are as precious as gold, like the slightly bitter saffron obtained from Crocus sativus or the real steam distilles iris root from Florence, which is stored for at least three years before they can be processed in elaborate steps further. But the rare white magnolia from China, genuine sandalwood from India and the wonderful oil of Damask Rose, for which the producers harvest more than five tons of petals to one liter to get rose oil. To compose a good, balanced fragrance is required of years. A synthetic product is however mostly industrially produced and the raw materials can be very inexpensive to buy on the world market. The scents of Wild Eden are cleverly packaged in custom-designed, elegant clamshell cases to give an elegant gown to the perfume. For these reasons, the perfume of Wild Eden belong to a higher price category.

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