About Josephine AdemiWelcome to the magical world of perfume gems from the realm of nature! My biggest passion is invisible, immaterial, almost intrinsic aroma characters of plants. It is my goal to share this passion with you and show you how deep natural scents touch our soul, keep our bodies healthy and can inspire the spirit.  They create space for your own ideas, stimulate toughts and feelings.

When I was four, my family gave me a toy piano. It was a great joy for me to play it. And so I took piano lessons with six years. At the age of 16 I decided to rebel, and quite different than expected, I returned my piano for the time being the back. Now it was in my mind to work at the theater and I wanted to be a make-up artist. This, however, at that time required the training as a beautician. So I completed my first degree at the then dream job to continue to learn. However, it was denied to me for financial reasons, to continue learning to visit one of the few good make-up artist schools. How does it go from here? For now, I decided to work in the learned profession. But there was something that bothered me about my work. In the conventional cosmetic training they told us that synthetic substances are the key for all skin problems.  This point of view I did not share, so I began to look for alternatives, put me now intensively with the topic apart, bought numerous literature on drug customer in cosmetics. The answer to my unanswered questions I found in herbal medicine, the aroma and sound therapy, attended various study courses on the subject and had finally enjoy my work!

At age 21 I started my first business and was able to gain practical experience. After several years working with natural cosmetic and pure essential oils,  I felt more and more that my heart beats for the subtle, aesthetic world of fragrances. Looking for mentors on the topic, I had the great fortune to meet new people that are still ruled the ancient art of natural perfumery and  compose perfume became my passion. What I appreciate most about my job, tradition is combined with modern ideas and use them to give rise to something new!

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