Wild Eden at the Interview with The Olfactive

Under Artist: Series 1 The Dreamers I´ve shared my thoughts about fragrances and answered Joshua Woods questions about Wild Eden.

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Wild Eden in BridesMagazine <3

For those who marry! Wild Eden will be featured in the Mai/June issue of the British Magazines BRIDES. We set the trend, 100% natural perfumes for the best day of your life <3


A new trader for Wild Eden!

We are very happy to found a new beautiful store in Mainz! Now our Natural Scents are available at Naturdrogerie Mainz. Soon the products are also available in the Onlineshop from the company. Check out at www.naturdogerie.de


Christmas love messages

“A secret garden you are, oh my sister and bride, a sealed fragrance source. Your plants, a garden with pomegranate trees full of beautiful flowers and fruits. Since there are Chypre and nard and saffron, balsam tree and cinnamon with many incense trees, myrrh and aloes and cedars, all rich of the best scents. You yourself are like a single perfume that captivates more than all the perfumes of Lebanon.”

 ~ From the song of songs ~ 

Wild Eden wish its customers a wonderful Christmas season! Above all, I wish you  t i m e to spend the blissful moments of this sensual feast without hassle.


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The idea behind the logo of Wild Eden

The Company Label of Wild Eden Natural Perfume stands for harmony with nature and harmony with oneself, in short for harmony. The dove resting in the flower can be understood as a symbol of perfection and beauty, but certainly also as a vision of heavenly peace. The scents of Wild Eden give us moments of inspiration, emotions and thoughts can fly like a colorful dance. They give us shelter, donate life force, thus helping inner peace. Above all, you can inspire us to dream …

Roses against drugs

The rose cultivation project Welthungerhilfe in Afghanistan is my labor of love and I want to help with you. Welthungerhilfe supports the resident farmers with a project that are grown in the roses instead of poppies. From the poppy opium is produced, which is almost exclusively required for the production of heroin. Almost 90% of opium on the world market comes from Afghanistan.

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About 700 farmers have embarked on the Rose project and now build Roses in organic quality to. From year to year sales increases, because Rose oil is also used in other real natural cosmetic products. For a liter of genuine rose oil you have to harvest 5-7 tons petals. Since it is not surprising if one, for 100 ml to more than 7,000 – € paid. Rose oil is very valuable and productive, so already one milliliter expresses is valuable.

The Rose is originally from the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, it is thus arrived back in your old home. The climatic conditions are very good for the prosperity of the plant.

The project Welthungerhilfe I want to support with you. Per bottle sold Serafina Rose, go three Euro thereof directly to the Welthungerhilfe project to Afghanistan. The Rose takes over the role of the Peace Ambassador and opponent to misery in the world.

Learn more about the project at: www.welthungerhilfe.de

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