Fragrance gems from the realm of nature…Josephine Ademi created fragrances of a special kind. With the production of 100% natural perfumes, for which only the most precious pure essential oils from all over the world are used, they can revive the millennium-old art of traditional perfumery again and weaves it into our modern age. “Wild Edens compositions are not made ​​in the industrial dimensions, nor are industrial methods for the production needs. To create a good fragrance, you need time, love and above all, a affinity. It’s like magic. The idea can be caused by music, a poem, by a life situation, a trip or even by one person. Then I translate my feelings and ideas in the wonderful language of the fragrance world for you. “

Fragrances are not only smell good, but are healthy effect on the human organism. Genie between genuine natural fragrance and synthetic fragrance are for Josephine A. worlds. “A real natural perfume is full of vibrant energy, because the essential oils which are used are made up of hundreds of devices. It is the totality of all blocks, the oil makes perfect and unique. What does nature so you can not achieve in the chemistry laboratory. In the laboratory, “remanufactured” or synthetic fragrances are made of simple structures, smell therefore empty and practice especially no healing effect on us. Our body is not designed to deal with such artificial substances. The industry produces more and more synthetic products, it is in cosmetics or in the food industry. The result, there are more and more people suffer from allergies and other diseases. “

With Wild Eden Natural Perfume by Josephine Ademi you buy one hundred percent natural product, beyond the mainstream. It is lovingly made, complicated and careful craftsmanship. All ingredients are very precious and rare. The essential oils used come from organic- or Demeter cultivation, whenever this is possible. Fully synthetic and semi-synthetic fragrances, diethyl phthalate (DEP), natural isolates, CO2 extracts and absolutes themselves are taboo, as well as raw materials, have been killed or tortured for the animals.


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