Terms and conditions

We supply and provide only for the following conditions also apply to future business conditions, even if it lacks in individual cases, a specific reference to our terms and conditions. The conditions of Wild Eden Natural Perfume override about the content of divergent terms of the purchaser. Oral agreements must be confirmed by our company. For illustration and use of textual material, images or our logo it requires a written consent from us. For operating a webshop a partnership agreement with us is required. This governs the use of our logo, imagery and text excerpts. For this we charge a token fee of 80, – € net.

Quotes and Orders
Our offers are not-binding and without obligation. Changes in the design and packaging, which do not reduce or improve the quality of our products, we reserve the right. Information on materials, dimensions, colors and designs are always approximate. Orders can be placed by e-mail, fax, in writing or via our online store. The order shall be deemed accepted if the order confirmed in writing or the item was brought for delivery. Following the submission of a business license (not foreign sector) you get our products at wholesale prices. There is no minimum order value. In an order, the buyer acknowledges our terms and conditions.

Prices and Payments
The prices of our shop are inclusive of 19% VAT. Valid on the day of the order prices. Payments will be made via PayPal or by bank transfer in advance. Delivery will be made after receipt of unsrem account.

Bank account:
Raiffeisenbank eG Burgstädt
Account number: 0302303878
Bank code: 87069077
IBAN: DE36 8706 9077 0302 3038 78

The delivered goods until complete payment property of our company. Ordered goods from abroad is always paid in advance. The bank charges are at your expense.

The delivery within Germany by DHL. In Germany we charge for uninsured Großbrief € 1.45 (up to 0.5kg), of 4.10 € as a packet (up to 2kg) or € 6.99 as insured package (up to 10kg). All other shipping terms, please refer to the information under shipping.
delivery Times
Delivery times are approximate. Delay in delivery requires a written reminder of the buyer. Claims for compensation for damage caused by delay are excluded.

The delivered goods upon receipt to check for completeness. Complaints, which the manufacturer is responsible, should be notified that under the specification of an invoice number or document number no later than the next business day after delivery. Please note: Natural products may have slight variations in color and fragrance. This is a testament to the consistent use of natural resources. Also, small airborne particles in the perfume plant origin are not a quality defect and therefore do not lead to redemption. With our products packaging is transport packaging, their damage or absence is not considered a defect.

transport damage
Transport damages have to complain immediately upon delivery and it is to refuse to accept. Damages are discovered after the acceptance of the shipment (concealed damage) must be reported within 24 hours.’s Forwarder. In this case, the product is free to be returned together with a written statement to us house. Is responsible for any damages or claims of the freight forwarder.
Retention of title
Until receipt of all payments of the articles delivered goods remain our property. In breach of contract, especially in case of default, we are entitled to take back the goods. Repossession does not constitute withdrawal from the contract.

The claim in the event of liability is limited to the set of proven, direct damage. The company Wild Eden Natural Perfume liable only in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Are subject to change delivery and payment.

Place of performance and jurisdiction is the court of Freiberg.

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