Application and durability of natural perfumes of Wild Eden

Haltbarkeit Düfte Wild Eden

Unlike the synthetic fragrances, which sometimes for days adhere to the skin and paint over the very own, personal body fragrance, natural fragrances have the ability to connect with the scent of the skin and thus to emphasize the personal aura of the people. The perfumes of Wild Eden Eau de Parfums are precious as Intense variants and do not require long-lasting artificial fragrance stabilizers, such as the substance DEP (diethyl phthalate), polycyclic musk compounds, preservatives BHT or synthetic dyes. DEP is detectable health concern and affects the protective function of the skin.

The perfumes of Wild Eden are naturally preserved by denatured alcohol in organic quality. The durability of the fragrance on the skin is achieved in a gentle way with essential oils of resins (resinoids). These are the so-called fixators in the perfume composition. Typical fixators are among many others, the bitter Patchouli Oil, the sweet-smelling oils such as Benzoin Siam resin, balsam of Tolu, but also woody base notes such as Cedar or Sandalwood. The natural scents of Wild Eden infatuated with elegance without thereby imposing the user. They give free space to be yourself and emphasize gentle manner, the personality of the individual. To find the right perfume for themselves, it takes a little time. Not every perfume smells equally well to everyone, because the smell of the skin is different for everyone. Just this plays in the natural perfumery an important role as a natural fragrance combines with its own “perfume” of the skin. To test that elixir best harmonizes with us, it is enough to give a few drops on your wrist and wait for a moment before unfolding of the fragrance on the skin. Often you can tell very quickly and instinctively, whether one appeals to the smell or not.

Very often the choice of the perfume of our inner mood dependent. If you have found the right fragrance for yourself, you spray it on the wrist, behind the ear or on the neckline. Even the hair is a very good fragrance carrier. If the perfume is gone, you can then spray in one or two episodes.